Uniform fittings

We will begin on August 4th, 9am-4pm. Please follow the schedule that was sent to you in your summer packet last week. The only change will be that we will need to see ALL upperclassmen on Monday the 4th with ALL of their uniform pieces. We will be recording your uniform numbers and other info. for Charms. If for any reason, you have multiple pieces of the same uniform, please be sure to dry clean the ones you do not use and bring them all in.

Upperclassmen need to bring in:

  • Red Trousers, Red Blazer, White Bibs, Concert Jacket, Hat or Beret; Uniform Bag, Shoe Bag, Percussion Jacket (if it applies to you)
  • Field Commander: Full uniform

PLEASE be sure to bring all pieces!!!! Double check before you leave your house!!!

The Grove City High School instrumental music program has approximately 300 wind, percussion, and string musicians who participate in various performing groups.  These groups include the Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble.  There is also a Flag Corps who perform with the Marching Band and participate in Winter Guard competitions.

The music department strives for excellence in all areas of its performing ensembles and stresses the importance of learning and enjoying music as a part of a student's well-rounded education.<