The Notes & Calls Student Dismissal System allows students to be dismissed to a parent/guardian following a band performance at an away venue.  These include parades, football games, and competitions.  In order for a student to be approved for dismissal with a parent/guardian following a band performance, the following TWO steps must be completed by the parent/guardian 48 HOURS PRIOR to the student report time for the event:

  1. A parent/guardian must send a note to Mr. Benson indicating a plan to pick-up following the event.  (An EMAIL note is preferable to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  2. A parent/guardian must call the Notes & Calls Hotline at 614-317-4988 and leave a message including the name of the student, parent/guardian to be picking up the student, and the event.  (This is an automated system and is not answered.  Simply leave a voicemail when prompted.)

After a performance, a student will need to be present with their parent/guardian at the white Director's Bus and check out with Mr. Benson for dismissal.  A student MAY NOT leave a venue without signing out with Mr. Benson.

Additionally, it is extremely important that both of the steps listed above are completed 48 HOURS PRIOR to the student report time for an event/performance, or the student will be asked to ride the bus back to GCHS with the band.

This system and its protocols are in place to ensure student safety and efficiently manage the mobility of our over 240 member band program. your social media marketing partner