Join the Booster E-mail Group

Our booster e-mail group is essential for any parent who has a child in the band. The group is not just for booster members. Without being a member of the group, you cannot receive information on pictures, uniforms, fundraising, requests for volunteering and more. All booster business for the band is done via this group.

All E-mails come into your inbox with the the beginning of the subject line: [gchsbands] so it is easy for you to filter and search on messages.

Send a request from your e-mail address at which you wish to receive your messages to:   Do not type a message or a subject just simply send the e-mail.

  • Once you send the e-mail you will receive an e-mail back from groups.io. If you do not receive an e-mail quickly check your spam or junk mailbox. The e-mail will request that you confirm that you wanted to subscribe by replying. (no need to comment again)
  • Next you will receive two e-mails. One inviting you to groups.io and another telling you your subscription is pending.
    • This second e-mail you respond to and let us know your relationship with the band.
  • At this point your request will be sent to the group moderator for approval.
  • Once you are approved you will receive an approval e-mail and a welcome e-mail.

How to Unsubscribe from the Booster E-mail Group

it is pretty simple. Send an e-mail to:  You should receive an e-mail stating you are removed. If you have any trouble unsubscribing, write to  and we can help you.