Join the Yahoo Group

Our Yahoo group is essential for any parent who has a child in the band. Without being a member of the group, you cannot receive fundraising information, requests for volunteering and more. All booster business for the band is done via this group.

There are two ways to subscribe to the list. 

  • The simpler way gives you access to receive the e-mails but not the website with all the history of e-mails.
  • The more complicated way provides greater access to everything with group.

All E-mails come into your inbox with the the beginning of the subject line: [gchsbands] so it is easy for you to filter and search on messages.

Greater Access to Group: More Complicated Sign-up

Greater Access to Group: More Complicated Sign-up

Here are detailed instructions on how to join the Yahoo Group and have full access to the files posted there. (If you already have a yahoo account, skip to step 6.)

  1. First use this link here to sign up, it goes directly to the registration page.

  2. It forces you to put in a phone number to receive a text and you will be given a e-mail address but you don't have to use it.

  3. After you verify the phone number, you can go to the this page to directly manage your account.

  4. On the "Personal Info" page (which is the first page you are on) at the bottom is Manage Aliases click that.

  5. From there you have the option to add an e-mail address. Here is where you can add your personal e-mail that you currently have. It will send a verification to your address.

  6. After this is done... Go to the Yahoo Group (Direct link) and there will be a "Join Group" link. When you click that it will give you the option of using your personal e-mail or the yahoo e-mail. We recommend using the address you check most often (probably your personal e-mail). Choose individual Email for the message delivery option. Type the code in the verification box and then create a comment for the moderator that includes your student's name. You will be approved by the moderator of the group and you're in.

E-mails Only: Less Complicated Sign-up

E-mails Only: Less Complicated Sign-up

Send a request from your e-mail address at which you wish to receive your messages to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Do not type a message or a subject just simply send the e-mail.

  • Once you send the e-mail you will receive an e-mail back from yahoo groups. If you do not receive an e-mail quickly check your spam or junk mailbox. Open the e-mail; you will have two options to pick from in order to proceed. Choose option number 1 (one).
  • A "Request to join gchs bands" page will open requesting your comments. Please type your name and your students name so the moderator knows who they are approving. Then click Send Request.
  • At this point your request will be sent to the group moderator for approval.
  • Once you are approved you will receive an approval e-mail and a welcome e-mail. your social media marketing partner